Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Running buddies

Earlier this year, I posted a blog comparing our first few months to a marathon--and a marathon they were. The bonus? It's rewarding to look back at this last year and see the sinews God's been slowly shaping in my family, and in me. I love how faith grows leaner, longer, stronger as years pass, even as my body most certainly degenerates!

But another aspect I cherish about running the race here are my running buddies, so to speak. Visitors here would testify that the eMi "family" is remarkably close-knit--and I've got some outside of eMi, too. (Some of you have managed to jog with me despite the ocean between us!) In somewhat of a strenuous year, my need for friendships that tell the truth, and that step in when I'm lagging, has been more obvious than ever. I've definitely been more needy! But it turns out that's not as I might have braced myself for. Watch the savanna here and you'll see that loners get picked off pretty easily. And I am solidly convinced that's not just an Africa thing.

I posted on my gratitude--and desperate need, more than ever--for Relationships that Tell the Truth on MomLifeToday.

Here's to running buddies.

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