Friday, December 6, 2013

Can't meet us at the park...

...because we love you too much to turn your kids into popsicles.
Sorry, Little Rock folks, we're postponing our "meet us at the park!" family time at Pinnacle Park tomorrow due to the inclement weather. 
We hope to reschedule, and really regret missing our time to connect with you! Enjoy your iced-in time with family. 

Our first two years, in photo

We're excited to show you this short version (3m33s) of a video we created as a glimpse into what God's been doing in our family and in East Africa during our first two years. Just being photos, it will make more sense if you've been reading our blog or newsletters--but in any case, celebrate God's goodness with us! And please, pray for East Africa.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Snippets from a furlough

I call this one "jet lag". This is as soon as he got out of the car from the airport.
True story:
1. Middle son orders corn dog at restaurant.
2. Son receives and bites into corn dog.
3. Son exclaims with delight, "Whoa! There's a HOT DOG in there!"

My oldest, to his sister following her apology during a conflict in the car: "Whatever."
Me: "Now, do you think that was an interactive, helpful response?"
Him: "I was not trying to be interactive and helpful. I was trying to be an irritating jerk!"
Well. Points for honesty (?)--and that's about it. #thatsmymissionarykid

"MOM! Their bathroom has TWO sinks and TWO faucets!"

"Mom, are you sure we can drink the water from the faucet?"

Grandpa made his famous shaped pancakes on our first morning back. My boys' choice: bodas (Ugandan motorcycle taxis). You can take the boys out of Africa, but you can't take the Africa out of the boys...

"But Mom, I don't know how to use the drain!"
"Now, stop being helpless. You know how to use the... Oh, yeah. Sorry. See this little thing in the back? You pull it up..."

"Mom, can we stay in this country forever?"

eMi's response to Typhoon Haiyan

Many of you share our deep concern over the welfare of Filipinos who've been left homeless, and worse, from the utter devastation of Typhoon Haiyan. We wanted to let you in on our organization's disaster relief response, particularly in the event that you're interested in helping. Here's a recent word from eMi:

Since 1983, Engineering Ministries International (EMI) has been mobilizing Disaster Response Teams for major international disasters like Typhoon Haiyan. Motivated out of God’s love, we serve survivors vulnerable to exploitation. More than technical experts, we seek to be Christ-like, by bringing clean water and the hope of living water. On December 1st, EMI will send our initial teams of water and sanitation experts to come alongside Samaritan’s Purse in Tacloban and Bantayan. As our other partners—the Filipino Church and local & international relief agencies—identify specific needs, we will send additional design professionals to provide services throughout relief (before Christmas) and recovery (after Christmas) phases:
Water/Wastewater Engineers: • Design and set up various water, sanitation and hygiene systems
• Design and establish clean water distribution centers
• Design flood water mitigation solutions
Structural Engineers and Architects: • Assess damaged buildings for safe reoccupation, retrofit or repair
• Design structurally sound and culturally appropriate transitional shelters
• Design retrofits and repairs to damaged buildings
• Master plan Internally Displaced People camps
Transportation Engineers: Design retrofits and repairs to damaged roads and bridges
Geotechnical Engineers: Assess slope stability and soil erosion
Construction Managers: Oversee teams for construction of buildings and infrastructure

You can help

Experienced design professionals can volunteer for disaster response by contacting EMI’s Disaster Response Ministry Program director at If you can’t go, you can give. Help mobilize disaster response assessment and design teams by donating to EMI’s Philippines Relief ( By meeting a survivor’s immediate physical need in their desperate hour, we demonstrate Jesus Christ’s love in a practical way and open a door to share His Good News, meeting their deepest spiritual need.


Pray with us, please, for the restoration and Godward hope of the Philippines!