Thursday, January 17, 2013

From John: Kilimanjaro prayers...and a last-minute match!

Hey, friends. It’s only a matter of days before I depart for Kilimanjaro.   Excited, expectant, a little anxious…   I am hoping you will offer up a prayer for us.  Here are a few requests but feel free to expand on them as you pray:

  • ·         I am coordinating this climb of 14 climbers, so you can pray for me and all that entails in the remaining days.
  • ·         At 19,000+ feet, altitude sickness is a major concern especially since I have a history with it.   I also have an ingrown toenail that has come about in a bad infection the last few days and praying I can extract it and let it heal before Monday.  So pray for health, summit success (annual stats are 50% make it), and a special time of meeting with God during our trip.
  • ·         Janel will be at home caring for the kids during the ten days I am away--then for another week while I attend a member care conference--so pray for endurance and peace for her and the kids...and perhaps a few generous friends to help out at times.
  • ·         I am still praying to make my goal of raising $3500 by the 20th to go for Engineering Ministries International and supporting our efforts in designing and constructing facilities for the impoverished of east Africa.  

In addition to praying, if you are interested in donating toward my climb for this eMi fundraiser, good news… a donor has pledged a Kilimanjaro Donation Match to double gifts given between now and January 20th – that’s Sunday!   If you are still considering making a donation toward our Kili fundraiser for the work of eMi and the ministry of the gospel to the impoverished of East Africa, follow this link to make a donation and select “Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb - 1528” in the drop box and insert “John Breitenstein” in the “other categories” comments section.

Janel and I remain humbled by each of you as you encourage us, send us Christmas cards and notes, pray for us, and support our work so generously!  Thank you!

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