Thursday, December 27, 2012

Help me summit... - from John

Thirty-one days from today, I (John) hope to be standing atop Kilimanjaro--the tallest mountain in Africa.   The week long trek to the 19,000-ft. summit is beginning to loom before me with both excitement and a healthy bit of respect.  Prone to altitude sickness at even the lower elevations of Colorados fourteeners, I am working hard running hills and the like to train and prepare for this adventure. Physical conditioning, a little medication, and a whole lot of prayer are what I am relying on.  
The goal is not the summit alone, but for me and my fellow climbers to raise $50,000. This money goes to eMi East Africa for consturction of a drastically improved facility to meet key objectives - R&D for sustainable technologies indigenous to East Africa, training facilities for East African professionals and tradesmen, and increased Design and CM infrastructure for designing a world of hope for the materially and spiritually poor. I am truly very impressed by the benefits of this opportunity and the incredible value of every dollar invested-- so much so that I am personally contributing $500 toward the goal (in addition to covering all my climbing costs).  
I am looking for another 30 people to give $100 or more.   If you're interested, consider helping me reach my goal by making a contribution or by learning more about this opportunity and others to invest in the work being done here in East Africa.

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