Friday, June 19, 2015

Photos from the top of Africa

Sunrise from the "Rooftop of Africa"
John summited Kilimanjaro for the third time this past February--his second time to lead the trip--fundraising for our EMI East Africa office's Build Africa Together campaign. 
The biggest highlight this year was, unquestionably, the presence of his dad on the trip, who also made it to the top at 19,341 feet. This was especially memorable as he and his dad have so many exhilarating memories from mountaineering together in John's teens and early 20's--and despite his dad retiring upon his return home, he's obviously still got it. 

The Build Africa Together campaign's vast vision for discipling and training East Africa is nearly completed--as is the more tangible jointly shared office building with Mission Aviation Fellowship that will stand as a hub of missions support. The move is scheduled for mid-August! See photos for that below, too. 
All photos except building photos are copyright John Breitenstein.
The porters are incredibly helpful, friendly, and fast, climbing Kilimanjaro more than once a month, and often in running shoes.

Many species are completely unique to Kilimanjaro. These trees (not sure what their name is, so not sure they're unique) remind John of something from Super Mario World.

Together at the summit!

And for the photos of the current construction progress on the new building...pretty exciting stuff!


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Photo update

Some of our best. Gifts. EVER.

And it only took, what, nine tries to get a photo.
 We're getting so excited about the progress of EMI East Africa's new joint facility with Mission Aviation Fellowship! Check out the pics. (My kids are so stoked that it's on an airfield!)

We heart EMI!

P.S. Thank you for praying for us! Please ask God
  • for discipleship opportunities and our maximization of them here in EMI;
  • that God would show us the “good works He has prepared in advance for us to do” as we address copious needs with limited staff; and
  • to continue to raise up local East Africans to train and disciple in our disciplines.