Monday, June 8, 2009

Quick house/prayer update

John and I have been deciding whether or not to employ a realtor with the upswing of the market and wanting to be in the Bryant district by August. We’ve started to make plans, but also started praying that we’d be able to sell it without (i.e. soon) if we could, if not simply to know what God’s wanting us to do.

Lo and behold, we had a showing yesterday, and they liked it enough to ask to bring her mother back on Thursday! Yahoo. If you would, we’d love your prayers that
a) She’d follow through with having that appointment, and that they’d want to buy
b) That God will have another home that meets our family’s needs within our price range
c) That we’ll have wisdom to know what God wants us to do, and that ultimately what He wants will happen.

Also, our six-week-old “Blue-eyed Jack” is becoming much more alert—I’m hoping to be grinned at this week! Has a little cold, so he’s not sleeping great at night. His mom could use your prayers that she'd honor God; not sure I'm handling all this that well.