Friday, January 25, 2013

Update from Kilimanjaro!

Yesterday--while my son and 10 of his friends were bowling in honor of W.'s 7th birthday (!)--I received my first text from John from Tanzania. I was markedly relieved.

They hit 14,500 feet yesterday, so they've only got 4,500 to go until they summit at sunrise on Sunday morning. His face is tingling and he had a slight headache, but he is, and I quote, "having a blast"! John's done a great deal of climbing with his dad and others in the past throughout Colorado, so it's not hard for me to picture the guy up there having the time of his life up there. And that makes me one happy woman...despite the ensuing birthday sleepover going considerably more out of control than I pictured it in my head.

As for the rest of the Kili team, it sounds like two of them are having significant stomach issues (perhaps bad food), and some others are struggling against altitude sickness. Thanks for your continued prayers and God's work in all aspects of this climb to benefit eMi.

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