Sunday, December 2, 2012

More Family Life in Photo

I suppose posts like this are an effort to bypass that pesky plane ticket issue and walk you around our lives a little. If I did this, you would probably see on my face the effort it took to remain calm--not get overly excited--and how I had to deliberately try not to talk too much in my enthusiasm. So I think captions are a good compromise, don't you? (My father-in-law gets the credit on many of these photos!)
I call this one "Waiting on Dad". J. is wearing the new Uganda Cranes--the national football (soccer) team--uniform  that Grandma and Grandpa got him at the craft market, which he wears every time it is clean. And sometimes when it is not. One of the best parts of my in-law's visit were two all-family soccer games, our guard included. J. refused to play until Dad showed up.
A lot of J.'s personality can be summed up in this single kick. See the dust?

I forget which of our children John was caught up in imitating. But this photo captures a great aspect his relationship with his dad.

Yup, this is my "girl with brothers". "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do play soccer in the leotard I got when I saw the Nutcracker."

One of our guards, Julius--who my middle son just invited to come to his birthday. You can see how much fun this guy's having.
The purpose of this photo is pretty much to capture the lizard-like tongue. It is one of his favorite features.

John's parents' visit was one of the greatest blessings of our year. We thought of putting them in a cage to keep them here. But that seemed over the top.
Wrestling is a requirement for all Breitenstein children. Girls not excepted.


Because of the errands he runs with the guards and Oliver and his absolutely sparkling personality, J. is known all the way down the street we live on. All the guards ask about him. He cannot wait for the weekends, which he refers to as "guard days". Our kids often help the guards cook food for themselves (or eat it). They love this kid; he's the one they ask about whenever they see us on the road. Because Ugandans often refer to me by either my oldest child or the child they know best, to many I am "Mama J." The guards run him around our driveway on his bike, and have footraces around the house. I love this about our lives right now. 

J. with another guard, Wilson, who is teaching him to use a slingshot. ...Yeah, now that I think about it, that may be a bad idea.

On this day, he was an astronaut.

The poster reads, "Welcome to Africa, Grandpa and Grandma!" (It's still up, even though they left on Thanksgiving.)


Same leotard. This time, with a gun.

Our lovely Oliver. I have determined this woman saves my life in at least thirteen little ways every day.

Did you know that virtually everything smaller than a cereal box in my house has the potential to be a gun? I remember a friend saying that she forbid her son to have or play with any pretend guns. Well, until the day he chewed his toast into the shape of, yes, a gun. I figure if my boys were living in any previous century, they may have brought home their first kill by now. So. Hands up already.

Is it too much information that we are more in love than ever? ...Well. Hope not.

J. is our "carpe diem" child in every sense of the word. He has his grandpa and mother's "I'm all in--with whatever I do!" a three-year-old-boy's body. Watch out, world. People say that they could watch him all day. One of our friends says it's like watching a cartoon, with his million expressions! I concur. I love this photo of him in a village; he was the first, of course, to dive in. See next photo, taken after his swimming lesson.


mhutsell said...

Somehow I have missed the last few posts! Love the pictures. Makes your life more easily understood. I am visual. I like to picture people where they are when I am thinking about them! Thinking of your sorrow over not seeing your new niece until she is much older. The costs. They are many. But I do see the wonderful blessings God is sowing as well. We love you guys!

Steve Finnell said...

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Ruthie H. said...

Wonderful photos! It is so good to see your family adjusting so well. :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful relationships your family are building. great testimony to your faith. inspiring and thought provoking...especially when I am blessed with all the modern comforts...

Anonymous said...

Woohooo! What joy to see you flourishing in your calling. May the Lord's favor rest upon you all. Keith and Trish

Sue said...

LOVE these photos! Thanks for sharing. Your family is beautiful!