Monday, December 24, 2012

Last-minute stocking stuffer: Quality-time coupons

I mentioned that we’re trying to keep things simpler here for Christmas this year. I think that’s why I got so excited the other night, washing the dishes. I was thinking when I could schedule the ice cream date that my five-year-old had been asking for with those big brown eyes, and always that dimple on her cheek.

What if my husband and I gave our kids personalized coupon books—but for quality time with us?

We try to spend quality time with them anyway. But the advantages of a coupon book are so many: They can see that we want to spend time with them, and that we’re willing to be held accountable for our word. They feel a bit of control—still with the understanding that they’d need to schedule their “coupon time”—to do the activities they’d been craving. And it definitely creates a sense of excitement around our relationship.

So my husband, a Word document, and myself are going to town on this project. We’re not in a place we can go camping yet (and well, home can be rustic enough at this point)—but we’ll put things in like game nights, making their favorite dessert, soccer in the driveway, a date with Dad, and visiting the new local coffee shop they’ve been wanting to try out with us.

I’m geared up about a Christmas gift that invests in our relationship. Wanna try it with me?

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