Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gas Crunch

I was humbled this week by a letter from Compassion, International talking about the global food crisis, a "silent tsunami," as it's been called. (Okay, I'm very embarrassed--I had no idea there was a global food crisis.) Apparently in a lot of developing countries over the last year or so, food prices have gotten to where daily wages are not even enough to purchase daily food alone. Last month I learned that for the lower and middle classes of Haiti, the standard of living has suddenly risen by 50%. Many people who used to be able to feed their children, the snippet said, can't do that anymore.

Trust me, I have to take deep breaths at the pump nowadays, and we're feeling the crunch. (Any hybrid minivans on the way, you think? Would I look dumb on the interstate with my bike and three kids in July?) But God has begun a shift in my perspective.

As un understatement, I still have a great deal to work out in my faith about what to do about poverty around the world. How should we then live?

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