Monday, July 28, 2008

The Bucket List

John and I were discussing our bucket lists last night on our date--things we'd like to do before we die. God's allowed us to actually do some of the things on our lists! For example, get married, (ahem) have sex, have kids. I would add to my "want to" list "writing a book that matters".

Other than that, I realized that my bucket list has actually gotten very short. As I start to see the reality of heaven, why do some of the stuff here when you could do it there to the nth degree, you know? Without sounding weird, God's dreams for me have way outshined my own. Don't get me wrong; dreams serve a purpose here. But I guess I don't want to get overly occupied with them when there's eternal stuff at stake.

I find myself wishing things I had the chance to invest in had two tags:

real price on earth ___

real price of heavenly resources ____

real gain on earth ___

real gain in heaven ___

This would really simplify my life. So many things have the pricetags switched here...

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