Friday, June 14, 2013

Kyambogo, revisited

Back in the saddle again: another eight-week surveying practicum that John's assisting at Kyambogo University, led by one of our eMi volunteers. But this year, it's even better. There were interviews for the six class positions, even an entrance exam on existing knowledge. Welaba entitlement mentality, hello privileged opportunity. Tomorrow we're hosting a cookout for all of his students and instructors in hopes of increasing the relational/discipleship element, too. A couple of students from last year should be joining us.

John's role in the class essentially involves assisting the students personally around the classroom, and acting as a cultural liason of sorts. As I picture it in my head, I'm thankful for the quiet, steady presence my husband provides, inserting a few strategic comments for understanding here and there that smooth out so many circumstances. I'm thankful for all the hats he wears at eMi that fit so many of his unique strengths, and these few weeks to move from a valuable in-office supporting role to an opportunity to build more directly into nationals outside our office.

It's encouraging to me personally, too, as I evaluate the obstacles I've been hurdling (or stumbling over) in my own class. John and Patrick have learned from their first experience, and this year seems a world away from last year. Yes, discipleship is slow. But we're learning what works here and what doesn't. And at the risk of being self-centered, I am simply thankful for the usefulness of our lives here that leaves us contentedly tired.

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