Sunday, June 30, 2013

Family Life in Photo, part five

I'm telling you. This kid is like having twins.  You know, in a good way. Most of the time.

eMi Family Fun Day at a local international school. The kids love this event! An inflatable waterslide, pizza, so many friends. Great times.

Guess who just turned nine?! #nottheonlyonefeelingolder

Monica is a dear friend, who also happens to make pretty much the best peanut butter on the planet. These kids love her, peanut butter or not.
Drama, drama, drama. Bet they got it from their dad.

Does anyone else feel like they're constantly in somebody's scope?

Wondering what their Cherokee ancestors would think of this getup. Let us know if you want us to hook you up with a costume.

Love these brothers--! (And no, they still don't wear shirts.)

I have several resident Lego Star Wars fanatics. The set in hand is from Grandpa and Grandma.

Our lovely Oliver, a.k.a. Daily Life Saver.
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