Sunday, June 30, 2013


I never know how to do this gracefully.

When I think of posting links to some of my recent articles and outside blogs, the picture in my mind is the one my parents love to joke about. It involves me falling in the same hole in our yard pretty much every morning on my path across the yard to the school bus. My lack of coordination has always been a bit legendary. Why didn't someone stop me? Or fill in the stinkin' hole? What about the bus driver moving a couple feet ahead? Or, as my husband asks, eyebrows lifted, why didn't I move a few inches to the left? These are questions I may have to ask God someday. Sadly, my level of social appropriateness can still occasionally suffer from a similar wobbly (ow!), blush-worthy grace. Or lack thereof.

At any rate...God's given some cool opportunities to build up His people. But I waffle: Is it self-promotion? Is it tacky? Do people want to read these? Is this "letting your light shine before men so they can praise Your Father" or letting my right hand gawk at my left?

Well. Here's hoping they'll offer more grace (less tripping) for someone out there.

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