Monday, April 1, 2013

Family life in photo, part three

Shaped pancakes--a salute to Grandpa John.

This is where we found J. this week (sigh). (See Daddy spotting behind the van.) This is the day before his Super Glue Incident. I'll leave it at that.

A donated chin up bar now serves as our in-house jungle gym. The kids shimmy up the doorposts and then hang on! We've promised a reward for their first chin-up.

Three guesses as to the real identity of Spiderman. Hint: He's the shortest superhero in the family.

Found this antique side table at a craft market. (It's the one on top.)

Tossin' it around with Dad. Color coordination optional.

B.'s really growing up. He'll be nine in three months!

Meet Betty, our resident eMi lizard. Betty, a rock agama or tree agama (we're not sure which), may be a "he", but this works for now.

W.'s seventh birthday party--and a clone trooper cake in his favorite color.

Our red bananas will be ready soon! This one's from the office. They're creamy yellow on the inside.

One of our guards, Yokaneh, retrieving a Nerf sword from our roof. (I think our family may be a bit high-maintenance.)

The guard from eMi often climbs the avocado tree there to chat with our guard, who climbs the ladder at our place (see earlier photo), over the wall. We'll hear them at any time of night, which is great for them keeping awake. John and I sometimes pass stuff through the razor wire throughout the day, from a ladder leaning on the eMi side, too. It's a little like Romeo and Juliet. Kinda.

Paper airplanes on the back deck with friends!

African women here often wear plastic bags (called caveras) on their heads to protect their hair, in lieu of a (more expensive) umbrella. My daughter's catching on...

Easter cookies at our co-op egg hunt!

This was Oliver's first time to dye eggs!

You can tell that Oliver and J. are pretty much best friends.


Amy L said...

How wonderful to see everyone thriving! We still miss you dearly. Love and hugs from us!

Mary Ann L. said...

Precious pics of your family and life! Saying a prayer right now. :-)

John Breitenstein said...

I love, love, love these pictures. Thank you so much for posting them.

mhutsell said...

These are great pictures of you all...well, except none of Janel. I cannot believe B will be NINE. His baby face makes him seem younger! Nine. Crazy. Love to you all!