Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas--INCOMING!

Today brought the biggest surge of testosterone yet. John's first day off work began with him taking the boys to Home Depot for PVC pipe and Wal-Mart for marshmallows and foam darts: Voila! Homemade blow guns for my 29-, 4-, and 3-year-old boys. (Since this is obviously something they teach in boy school, I won't include an extensive how-to. If you need one, your husband instinctively knows how to do this.) They are having a blast, and at least they agreed to stop shooting me for the second half of my lunch. Considering my kids' attention span and that their fun has lasted at least 3 hours, this is a big hit (...pun not intended).
Will in combat
Loading ammo

Can you guess what happens next?

John in action; his have gone all the way across the house, no problem. Baden was wearing his plastic armor at one point.

The stockings were shot by the chimney with care...

"Can Daddy please have the darts, Corinne?"


Julie said...

John Isaac also got a marshmallow gun. Good fun, eh?

My name is Stacie... said...

Our boys both have marshmallow guns...only once they mistook small butter mints for "stale" marshmallows. Ouch! Wait til they want a potato gun!