Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Five Reasons You Didn't Waste Your Degree

Wow--this post has gotten the most immediate response on MomBlog that I've had, so at the risk of sounding self-promoting, hope it encourages someone out there. I wrote it on a day when I needed to compile the reasons for myself (you know, one of those days when laundry is your biggest accomplishment and you can't even get that done). Sent with love to all you moms!


Emily Bertholic said...

Ah yes, Janel! Thanks for your wise words of encouragement. How blessed are we to work for an organization that so higly esteems our stay-at-home mom job. I'm blessed in that I use my degree (Child Development/Math Education) every day as a homeschooling mom. But I have days where I'm tempted to feel less than useful at home. I actually wrote a blog along the same lines as yours, just without the scripture to back it up. =) Mine was mainly for convince myself, really.

Emily Bertholic said...

Oops! The blog I referenced in my other comment was September 17th and titled, "My New Job Title."