Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Am I crazy?!: Onward with cloth diapers!

Okay, our family is taking a significantly greener (crazier?) step. I just bought a truckload, okay boxful, of cloth diapers and even reusable wipes that you just toss in with your diaper laundry load. It was an investment, but I think it should save us major moola, particularly with one on the way; right now it should pay for itself in about five/six months of diapering. Not too bad, and baby, these things have IMPROVED since the swishing-it-in-the-toilet and gross-wet-pail-that a-kid-can/does-fall-in (ask my sister Keri about this one--Sunday dress and all!) days.

It's also nice not throwing plastic and poop in a landfill, the latter of which, I found out, is illegal! No way. John wants to know, who has that job? "Excuse me, ma'am, poo police."

Here are the ones we got, after much research and a lot of help from friends (thanks, ladies!). Someone actually gifted us the money for the initial investment! These diapers fit Will (for nighttime; thank you, Lord, that he's potty trained) AND Corinne, a 20-lb.+ difference, so they really are one size fits all! They feel super-soft (even snuggly!); they're cute; and you take 'em off, dump any stuff out and put 'em in a dry pail until you wash at night, and that's about it. They're not too different from disposables! They come with a smaller extra insert for nighttime or for use with newborns, and so far they've held through the night with both kids. I will let you know if this little venture is successful. Trust me. I do not mess around with diapers. Well, any more than I need to.

If you want more info, I'll let you know, but I'll spare the details for the rest of you. :)


ErinL said...

I loved using cloth diapers and mine were very similar to the ones you have chosen. I don't think you will regret it.

Alison said...

Good for you for being so environmentally/economically conscious! Your post made me consider cloth diapers for my baby—especially if they're that much cheaper in the long run. I'll have to check in with you again about how you like 'em!

anna w said...

Oh, good for you! I use cloth for little B too, and we love them. I love the money they save, I love that they're better for our lovely world, and even better for B, since I'm more likely to notice she's wet and change her. We have some of the Bum Genius (that looked like what you got), and some Haute Pocket, but the Bum Genius are my faves. One tip: dry them on the clothes line (whenever possible). It'll make them last longer, and the sun sanitizes them and bleaches them, so they stay white longer (I hang them with the soiled side facing south for maximum sun-age.