Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our house, Part I: A few photos

 There's more to show, but we wanted to give you a limited tour of our new digs.

Here's what greets you when you drive in our gate. The small building to the right is called the "boy's quarters"—as in, a place for house help to stay. (Or friends and family who come and visit missionaries in Uganda! Hint, Hint. Not that you'll be expected to clean or anything.) That's where we keep our washer and dryer. Can you hear the angels singing? I didn't think we'd have one of those. Apparently the landlord didn't either, because they blew out the power and we had to get a new circuit breaker.

You can see our garage on the left, which we open up for homeschooling. We had one wall painted in blackboard paint! I'm pretty excited about having a room just for school, which we didn't have before.

And yes, our house was supposed to be painted yellow. But you know, considering it was two shades of orange when we arrived, and one was really more of a peach, I am thankful for the orange. Especially since the dirt is orange. We're in the hottest time of the year here, i.e. the dustiest, with the coolness of the rainy season just around the corner. But the heat is dry, and even at 90°, it's only like May or late April in Arkansas.

The above is our back porch, which we adore. It's a peaceful place to eat, and the kids have a drag strip right down the middle of the yard. Our avocado tree is on the right here. Even now, the weather is beautiful for outdoor living, and we have bougainvillea, a couple of rosebushes, a mango tree, a papaya tree, and a pumpkin patch. I thought the avocado tree deserved its own photo, considering I was hoping to have one in heaven and am getting it way early.

Even though we live in the middle of the city, you can glimpse Lake Victoria, the third largest lake in the world, from over our back fence. We have a fishmonger, Moses, who brings a box of fresh-caught tilapia on the back of his motorcycle every Tuesday and filets it right at my gate. I really like the local produce here, too, and I think I've found a milk supplier.

This is our living/dining room as of this evening. (See J. there in the corner?) All of the furniture was made for us from local wood (this kind is called mugavu), and we just got the cushions back tonight. Can you see the little African drums on them? We asked for extra stuffing, because all the padded furniture here is kind of like sitting on a couple of pieces of plywood. Let's just say it's "very firm."
There's this lovely industrial, linoleum-type tile that covers my home that kind of makes it feel like a Wal-Mart. It's probably a good thing considering the red mud that's tracked down every hall. The floors have to be done every day. But we are looking for a rug because Dad and the boys miss wrestling.

 Found this in the living room and it looked hungry. Guess we'll keep it.

We're thankful that our toilets are sitters and not squatters.That's probably all you care to know.

Here's our master bedroom; we love our new bed, and it was very affordable. As for the paint on the walls, we really like how the colors turned out, but the full story is a minor fiasco for another post.

Thanks for visiting. I'm sure we'll have a little more soon. Don't you want to come see the real thing?


Julie said...

Janel - am I missing something? I don't see any pictures. But maybe your words were to be the pictures. I'm still seriously jealous about the avocado tree.

Mom said...

It's great to see pictures of your house! Now we can picture you there a little easier.

I'll take the hungry one on the living room floor if you decide not to keep it.

mhutsell said...

It is so beautiful! I love it! Thanks for the pictures because this dumb American had NO idea how to picture it! And I thrive on visuals in my head! :) Love you guys! Melissa

Tamara said...

Hello Janel! Thanks for the beautiful photos! Everything looks lovely and I ditto what Julie said about the avocado tree. So happy that you're beginning to settle in! Love to all the Breits!

ErinL said...

PICTURES! Happy, Happy me! I love your house and your furniture!

Christa Martin said...

Thanks for the updated pictures guys! Everything looks so lovely! We think of you and pray for you often.

Rich Hagen said...

Hello to the Breit's!! Jody and Rich here on behalf of the aspiring Hagen Nation and we think your new home is beautiful !!! Rich was thinking "mud hut" so y'all have a mansion! Lord willing we'll be your first whitey's to stay in the "boys' quarters".....& yes, we'll do work!
Love you guys

Soaring High said...

Thank you for the pictures! I'll join the jealousy on the avocado tree. ; ) The furniture is very pretty. Thanks for giving us a little glimps into your lives.

Seth said...

"Don't you want to come see the real thing?" Yes:)

I love your updates, Janel. May God continue to give you and John the strength to see all things in perspective while believing His glorious gospel day by day!

The Frugal Muse said...

LOVE your bedroom. Of course I'm not surprised one bit that you have set up such a warm and inviting home. Lots of love and ministry is going to happen in this house. Love it!!

Love you, friends!


Maups said...

Love the pictures, love the post, love yous guys!
Be of good cheer,

Jim Walters said...

J and J.
I am so proud of you both, such able and willing vessels in his hands. I hope there is a computer in heaven so Lynda can join in with my joy of being privileged to be among your friends.
Jim Walters