Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On the Road (again)

This is the photo I received from my husband this week.

(And for those of you who have seen Despicable Me, that is not the inflatable version.) He's in Cairo for the eMi director's conference as their new international human resources director (Do I sound proud of him? Well. I am). Wish I could convey how cool it is to see this guy use his gifts in his sweet spot to serve God's people. Would love your prayers for him in this extensive trip.

This is following a crazy month. During a large portion of my parents' visit, John was actually training missionaries from around East Africa, largely Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to help other missionaries emerging from crisis situations. He also served on the board of the Mobile Missionary Care team with some of the other trainers and member care professionals from East Africa.

I, of course, have my own colorful but far less blogworthy experiences corralling our slightly nutty offspring back here in Kampala. Today on the way 10 minutes from our house, I saw a) a motorcycle carrying a full-sized deep freeze, b) a kitten thrown out of a truck that I nearly ran over. (Did not find the kitten. ) c) a shirtless man wrapped in a fluffy green towel looking like he was on his way to the shower.  My friend reports that she saw a man last week pushing a ten-foot-tall unicycle in the same location. This makes me wonder if this spot is simply the traffic equivalent of a full moon...? Of course, another friend reports that she saw someone riding a camel last week. Indeed. Of the many things traffic is here, boring it is not.

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