Friday, July 11, 2014

Family life in photo

It's been embarrassingly long since I've updated you with pictures, or anything in general. In my mind I chalk that up to the "tyranny of the urgent"...excuses, excuses. But we've accumulated so much fun I'll have to spread it out in a couple of posts!
B. exploring our avocado tree.

I would call this "excitement," but somehow this look surpasses that. B. had a fantastic tenth birthday. My personal highlight: The next day, he told me he would like to do the dishes so I could go take a nap. ?!! Every once in awhile, God gives you a little glimpse to encourage you as a parent. Love this strong, thoughtful boy.

More birthdays. Can you believe this sweet girl is 7? This was taken on her birthday! But I'm the one who feels like she got an incredible gift. Can't believe this compassionate, beautiful (inside, plus out!), intelligent, creative little lady is our precious gift from God!



J. with "Oliver the Great!" They are fantastic friends--and she is an invaluable resource to us here. We love watching her grow in her love for God and witnessing her heart for the poor...what am I talking about? We love her, period.


Playing "Continent Twister". We've started school already so we can take off school whenever we need to--like when family visits us in September? Can you hear our shout of glee from over there?!

A handful of our crazy, incredible friends over here. I cannot take for granted that we are surrounded by such a supportive community--including a ton of friends for our kids.

Dissecting a cow eyeball for school. This is when you're thankful the other homeschooling mom has a zoology degree and you get to take the pictures.

C. at Family Fun Day.


This is the smile I get right after he plays sports! *Man,* I am in love...

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