Wednesday, July 23, 2014

All fun and games

The kids and I had such a blast at the refugee center's "fun day" today. These students are super competitive, whether it's games in class or a fill-the-soda-bottle relay. Love these people--and wanted to give you a glimpse into the lovely souls I get to interact with and ham it up with during Bible class every Thursday.
I think enrollment for the center is at about 400 right now, and their classes (and teams here) are organized by English advancement. I only teach one of these levels, and most of the close-ups here are of my students. 
My cheeks hurt from smiling today, and honestly, my heart hurt as we pray for our work permit to be renewed, to be able to continue in the work here. For now--I just want to share a little of my joy with you.

Stomping on the balloons tied to their legs...

...and triumphing raucously over the sack race.

Some of these ladies make my class tremendously happy. They are so kind--and a lot of fun.



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Ruthie H. said...

Loved all of the smiles! :)