Sunday, April 1, 2012

eMi Family Fun Day!

It was one of our best days in Uganda ever yesterday. In the sports field of a nearby Christian school, complete with playground, eMi rented an inflatable water slide, had a potluck, and played games all day out in the sunshine. (I "heart" Uganda weather thus far.) All told, I think there were 70 or more of us.
The kids played on that water slide all day. When we moms hauled ourselves up there to plummet down that blown-up monstrosity with them (nice try. No photos of that one), we started laughing about what would happen if the power went out at that very moment.

There was football, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and a whole lotta soccer going on. John, in fact, jumped in with some Ugandans on a football i.e. soccer game, and actually held his own really well. He loved it. Quality time is one of his "love languages"--and athletics would be if it made the list--so he was happy as a clam playing sports with friends the whole day. (One of the things we love about Uganda, in fact, is that with a housekeeper and a groundskeeper/guard, our Saturdays leave us a lot more time to be a family and build relationships rather than playing catch up.) It was such a valuable day for all of us--and the entire office with their families--to make great memories with new friends with whom we already feel so close.

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