Monday, April 9, 2012

Small wonders: A grateful update

You may remember the friend of our housekeeper, Oliver, whose sister was dying from tuberculosis--particularly after a costly and ineffective treatment from a local doctor. With a few minutes of research, we were able to direct them to a cure recommended by the World Health Organization.

I am thrilled and thankful to let you know that the friend's sister is almost finished with the DOTS treatment...and is almost completely recovered. She has gained weight, is helping around the house, and will live! Not only that, but each of the thrice-weekly treatments were only 300 shillings, which is the cost of the chapatti Oliver brings for my kids each morning: less than ten cents. This friend had been one who financed a surgery Oliver needed years ago, so she feels grateful that she can return his kindness.

Please thank God with us for moving so powerfully here!


Maups said...

What a powerful testimony of our Great Physician! Praise the Lord! Thanks for making this need and God's response available to us. May the encouragment given and the hope realized be used by God to bring many into His family. You are there for such a time as this!
Be of good cheer,

Soaring High said...

Rejoicing with you! Thank you for sharing!

Lisa said...

that's wonderful! Praise God!