Monday, February 20, 2012

A Rainy Day Kind of Play

Has the rainy season officially begun or just a spell of downpours to kill the dust and water the crops? Either way it’s welcome relief from the heat. But the uphill neighbors' runoff from their plot makes its way to our backyard and stops. A real problem for sure, but today its a diversion...

 our very own water park!

 The kids are now telling everyone we have a pool!

We couldn’t get Janel in the mix, she hid behind the camera.

With shouts and cackles like Hoops and Yoyo, the kids were exclaiming our time as some of the best ever. “This is great” cackle cackle. “yeah, this is awesome” hahaha. “Yeah, this is the best day ever… our own waterpark.”

“And admission free to boot” (That was my comment)

God keeps bringing welcome moments of laughter and fun into our days. We are grateful for the rain… today. :)

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