Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And yet another Badenism

My kids still love the Berenstain Bears, and one of their favorites is The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Dream. Brother and Sister have bad dreams after playing with Space Grizzlies, the villain of which is Captain Sleazo. So Baden walks in the kitchen tonight:

"Mom, how about if we name your baby Sleazo?"

I just kept laughing. (Of all the things that go with Breitenstein, at least Sleazo would take the focus off the last name, you know?)

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Alison said...

How cute! My husband wanted to call our son Walter/Wally (though we're not going to...). So he told our four-year-old nephew and it's stuck with him, because he thinks we're going to name him Wall-E, as in the movie. :-)

Our issue is the opposite of yours. We have to come up with something uncommon enough (without being strange) for the first name because we have such a common last name.

Hope your pregnancy is going very well!