Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yet Another Badenism

My kids have recently become fans of the Franklin book series, which I like even better than The Berenstain Bears. In Franklin is Messy, Franklin ends up writing on his shield (for playing knights) "Sir Franklin, Loyal and Brave and Neat."

So Baden comes into the kitchen in his knight gear this morning--helmet over his eyes, sword raised, bearing his shield, proclaiming: "Sir Baden! Loyal and Brave and Messed Up!"

I feel you, Buddy.

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rissaroe said...

This was glorious. I LOVE it, Baded, err, make that "Sir Baden! Loyal and Brave and Messed Up!"

So glad you are blogging all of this Janel. These little gems are going to mean a lot to your kids when they are grown up.