Monday, November 3, 2008

For goodness' sake, save yourself some cash!

My best online shopping tip this year: In your Google browser, type the name of the company you'd like to buy from and the words discount code (e.g. "Lands End discount code", "proflowers discount code", etc.). It will often bring up sites like, on which people post the discount codes from their catalogs, coupons, etc. You can get free shipping, % off, dollars off...this has saved me $10 each on, a flower order today, a swimsuit I bought this past summer--!

Use it for any site that allows you to enter a "promotional" or "coupon" code.

Ho, ho, ho! Hope it helps. ;)

1 comment:

anna w said...

Oooo, What a great idea! I'm totally going to try it. Thanks!