Monday, November 10, 2008

Latest little familia update

Last week was hard for us. The election was largely a bummer (thank you for your sovereignty, Lord), but Monday was particularly difficult: The anniversary of John's mom's passing.

It was also very hard with some things going on at FamilyLife centering around the economy. Most of it came down on Thursday, his birthday. I have never seen John more ashen at work. He was really in the thick of it. We debriefed a lot on our birthday date on Friday--where we drove Mom's van because our van died on Thursday too...!

I think I have a music lover. Corinne bounces up and down to any rhythm at all (the mixer, the washer, immediately to any music), often clapping. When she's crying in the car, you usually just have to turn on the radio. I'll hear her up in her crib singing to herself! It's really sweet and really cool.

Will has a recent favorite game where he puts his nose on you and sucks in like a vacuum. He laughs and laughs. What a boy. He's REALLY DEFIANT right now, and whereas I seem to be handling that okay (four fits before church, one about whether or not he could play with the electrical outlet, the other about whether he could drink the hydrocortisone cream for his bug bite), I then am so worn out/sinful that I'm snippy about other stuff.

Baden is starting to read five-letter words, though he still gets vowels mixed up a little. He really seems to come alive with computer games on the net (math, science, and reading), so we'll probably get him a Reader Rabbit program for his stocking. I fold laundry and we both learn a lot! He's also really into mazes and the color red.

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