Monday, June 16, 2008


Baden (still confused why he can't marry Corinne): Who's Corinne going to marry?

Mom: I don't know. But God knows! And I hope it's a man who REALLY loves God, and who takes good care of his family and loves them.

Baden: And who doesn't worship IDOLS!

Mom: Right.


Mom: I need to cut your hair, so you can pick out a DVD. We can start a long one, but we're not going to finish it today.

Baden: Because a long DVD will fry our brains?!

Mom: (Laughing too hard to answer.)


rissaroe said...

Your post gave me a laugh tonight when I really needed one. Thanks, friend.

Mattgrove said...

I think Baden is onto something. When I have to watch a movie that's too long, my brain feels fried.

Alison said...

Your kids are so cute! These comments made me giggle :-).

Kelly said...

Just finished reading Baden's comments to Tyler...We love laughing with you guys! Thanks for sharing! We miss you guys!