Monday, June 16, 2008

The latest little familia update

I can't believe I finally have time to blog! This is great.

It's been even more overwhelming than the normal overwhelming lately, but I am so not complaining. God's given too much grace. Here's where everyone's at...

First, please check out the way-too-cute pics and videos of the kids on my sister and her husband's blog.

Corinne, awarded biggest change, is crawling! She loves being mobile--so much happier!--and motors around pretty well. And, with her big first birthday next week, may actually be popping out her first tooth--on top. She'll have some of both of our families here in town for the big day.

Will is using more and more big people words, asking if he can go "hang out" with the neighborhood kids, or saying "That's so cool!" or "I'm not sure about that." It makes me laugh. He is by far our biggest cuddler.

Baden will be the big four next week! Wow. I got a postcard in the mail about pre-kindergarten immunizations and about had a heart attack. This parenting thing flies. Because of his Grandpa John's time in England, frequent flier miles allowed Baden and John to go to Houston for a week (then Baden on his own for half a week) to visit the now-stateside grandparents. The kid was so excited he could have flown there himself! They're going to the beach, to an aquarium (perfect for my sea-enthralled son), NASA, a children's theater presentation of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, a planetarium...I'm sure home will look pretty boring! I am thrilled for this dad-son-grandparent trip.

John (and myself, by association) have been super-busy helping out with FamilyLife's New Staff Preview guests, and then John headed up the Peacemaker training last week at FamilyLife, which kept him at the office till nine or ten. Community group also fills in a few gaps on our schedule. It is fun to be worn out by doing the good works God has for us, though, and we feel like our cup is overflowing. John will thoroughly enjoy the week in Houston, I bet.

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Kelly said...

Sweet friend!! Reading your posts always make me remember sitting in your kitchen and talking! You are so fresh and real.....I can totally relate! We are praying for you....hope you have a bit of a break while John is gone....I totally understand 'busy' association! Congrats on Corinne's teeth and crawling....I can't believe she is a year!! Wow...time goes too fast! Miss you guys!