Tuesday, May 26, 2015

EMI in Nepal

Some of you have compassionately asked about EMI's response to the tragedies we've recently witnessed in Nepal.

EMI reports, "So far, there have been three EMI people deployed to Nepal while several others have been assisting from afar.  It is quite likely that EMI will have another small team in Nepal in early June.  On top of that, we are in discussions with other potential client ministries for projects that would happen in Term 3 [September to December] that would focus more on long-term goals rather than immediate needs even though these goals were brought on by the earthquake." Check out EMI's disaster response page (and an opportunity to donate) for Nepal here!

From the page: "Over the last few weeks the EMI DR team has been moving around the Kathmandu Valley [see a map on the page] meeting with partners, assessing structural integrity of buildings, evaluating damaged water systems, and offering recommendations all along the way."

One woman voiced, “Since the day you came to our house we have slept in peace."
Jesse, an intern in our India office, authored a helpful blog post--with lovely photos--about his recent visit in Kathmandu. Our hearts are with yours for the people Nepal--and for the healing work God continues to perform there.

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