Sunday, January 12, 2014

And...we're back.

A week ago, after more of the goodbyes that I hate from people we adore, after 21 hours of flying and a couple hours of sleep...we finally piled in a Ugandan safari van (the only vehicle that would hold all our loot from America), and I listened contentedly (jet-laggedly, perhaps?) to my kids jabber on and on about how good it was to be back. This was a huge relief, as I anticipated the letdown from 2.5 months of grandparent-level spoiling would make any prospect seem rather dim.

We got to watch the African sunrise from our windows, followed shortly by hugs and huge welcomes from guards when we pulled in our gate. The kids immediately got busy getting dirty (love that!) and showing the guard how to play Uno. We were invited to a cookout for lunch with friends (a good thing, you know, when all you have to eat are milk and eggs--thanks, Oliver!--and spices. Bay leaves and coriander can only go so far.) Later, we discovered that the people who'd rented our house put in a water heater for one of the showers! I got a HOT SHOWER at my own house.

Though leaving family and friends left a hole we still feel, it was wonderful to fall into the embrace of people, and a place, that has become a part of us and fills us with so much happiness.

It's great to be back.


Ali Dunnell said...

Hi Janet. Found your blog online and wondered if you could give me some advice. My husband and myself are considering moving to Tanzania with our three young children (5, 5, 3). What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in Uganda for young children? I hope you don't mind me contacting you, but I thought you may be able offer some first hand experience. Kind regards, Ali Dunnell.

John and Janel Breitenstein said...

Hi, Ali. I'm so glad you asked. I don't know much about Tanzania specifically, but my husband and I have helped a handful of people considering this, and my heart goes out to you as you consider coming over! I'd love to help in whatever way I can. May I ask if you're on Facebook? If so, maybe that's the best way for me to e-mail you (or get you my e-mail address!). Praying for your wisdom right now as you work through this!

Ali Dunnell said...

Hi Janel

I left you a message on Facebook, but I thought I would let you have my email address too. It's

I have really enjoyed looking at your wonderful blog, the happy pictures of you and your family are absolutely wonderful. And I really enjoyed the video montage you put together from the last two years... It looks like you are having an amazing experience.

Hope to hear from you soon.