Saturday, August 10, 2013

Good intentions

So. Had a friend over for tea; thought it would be nice to surprise her with a foot soak.
What went wrong: 

 a) used basin that had been used by someone else for bleach. Bye-bye, newish shirt and newish shirt my mom brought from America. Boo.

 b) thought I was adding jasmine essential oil. Grabbed oregano oil. Both of us think the water is accentuating our mosquito bites; oops, no. That's a skin reaction. No wonder things smelled like spaghetti sauce instead of flowers.

 c) Our sweet tea date takes a detour to the edge of the bathtub, where we must sit to soap the oil off our feet. Gracious friend is thankful for a tea date she will never forget .

 And...that's why most of you are glad you can enjoy my friendship from afar.
Tea, anyone?

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