Wednesday, March 27, 2013

From John: Climbing to the top of Africa!

8 days…   5 ecological zones.  Monkeys, birds, exotic plants only found on Kili.  Glaciers, water falls, a full-moon summit.   19,340 feet.   Awesome!

Even now I am exhilarated by having made the climb pushing new boundaries and having had the opportunity to join in with friends to see the beauty of God’s creation from an new perspective.   And what’s more is that all together we raised over $50,000 toward our new office.   Pretty Incredible!  Thanks so much for your prayers, encouragement and contributions.

 I would say it was a once in a lifetime event, but I’ve been asked by eMi to lead the climb again with a whole new team of climbers.  

You wouldn’t want to join me would you???
Note: To view the whole Picasa album, click here. With all the cameras on this trip, I didn't even need to pull my camera from my pack. Many of these photos are courtesy David Hoskinson.


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