Saturday, September 29, 2012

Prayer blitz

These past few days have presented a few key prayer requests. Would you be willing to lift these things up with us?

1) The opportunity to send refugees to Passion has exploded: 90 people and seven staff signed up to go tonight! (It's around 11 AM CST.) This is nothing short of awesome. There will also be a Q & A session next week to answer people's questions about what they heard. Can you believe it?! Would be grateful for prayers for protection of the event, for clear and potent message of the speakers, for God moving in mighty ways, and for wisdom for John and I next week during the Tuesday Q & A.

 2) John has malaria. We think likely was acquired on his surveying trip. Yesterday was particularly tough. I have never seen him this sick. But thankfully, he may be on the upswing. So very grateful for a cure for such a terrible disease.

Thanks for praying, friends.


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I'm praying, Janel. May John's recovery be quick.