Thursday, August 9, 2012

Family life in photo, #2

I love these brothers! (Side note: Can you tell where they did the paint "touch ups" on our house? All the paint is mixed by hand...)

B. woke up (finally) missing something this morning. That tooth must have sat at a 90-degree angle for about two months.

We started school this week--partly in preparation for FAMILY coming to visit this fall, and wanting to take off a few weeks! The new reading corner is a huge hit, and the blackboard on the back wall is perfect. Thanks to our awesome Oliver helping us so much with the house, I feel exponentially more prepared this year. But I still get nervous about the ramped-up schedule.

This girl adores reading. (Woman after my own heart.)

African shirt for a Father's Day present!

This kid's a thinker. Contrary to the picture, he seems to thrive here. He's gotten very blonde in our "endless summer" here.

Two of the nineteen eMi kids that are our kids' ages. Our family is deeply thankful for this. These are two of the boys' closest friends.

....and here's one of Corinne's. Can't imagine how much these quality, well-behaved kids have made a difference in my kids adjusting here.

Two beauties in one: The African sunrise, and my daughter, enjoying it with me.

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beautiful beautiful pictures!