Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh, say, can you survey? Part bbiri

Fun breaking update! This summer, John's getting ready to take a six-week surveying course taught by Canadian eMi staff at a local university, which will end with a surveying job in northern Uganda.

The most exciting part for us: This gives John a specialized role in our East Africa office so that he can step into another very needed here. It adds to the Member Care (a pretty active role so far!), Construction Management, Business, and about seven or so other hats he's wearing here--! But considering that we came here very curious to see how God would integrate John's skill set, this is very cool for us.

It also means that John will be able to contribute to project trips around East Africa, getting his hands dirty in the field and with volunteers who come to make a difference during their vacation time.

Okay, I'm the guy's wife, and you've seen my rather embarrassing displays of affection. So consider yourself warned of my bias. But from all reports, I'm excited by the unique contributions John's been able to make with counseling staff, contributing to business decisions that make a big difference in our local staff, and a lot more--even before he stretches his wings in the Construction Management portion. Adding work in the field is really exciting.

Seeing "the problem" around us in so many ways every day, every little chance to be part of God's solution is invigorating.

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