Saturday, June 23, 2012

Family life in photo

John just returned from a trip to a remote ministry an hour from Gulu. The kids miss him so much when he's gone, for obvious reasons.
Our first American houseguest having a great laugh with Oliver as they paint their toes. These two had a great time together, and are now mutually mourning Annie-Jane's departure!

B. with one of his closest friends here. They're sharing a birthday party in the next couple of weeks.

We have a playdate with all the eMi kids at our house every Tuesday. C. loves dressing up with all her girlfriends on a regular basis.

A huge pan of popcorn is a staple at our Tuesday eMi playdates. J. and his friend are just polishing off the leftovers.

C. and J. messing around at the gate.

This guy is the mkulu (the "big drum")! We got him the mask, an antique from the Congo, for Father's Day. The bird on top is a sign of peace for my Peacemaker of a husband!
Reveling in three awesome care packages from my college roommate and Grandma. What a great day! Look at all those art supplies--! I can't wait.

Working out with Mom. He made the weights himself.

Oliver taught me to wrap my hair Ugandan-style this afternoon! I knew there had to be cool

B.'s on the left, W.'s on the right. You know. In case "long head" and "fat head" weren't sufficient descriptors.

This kid turns eight this week! Can you believe it?

The eMi kids came over for a Star Wars party at our house. Don't miss Padme et. al in the foreground.

We have a stunning bougainvillea in our backyard, perfect for climbing--the latter of which was a direct answer to prayer.

This kid has a million and one expressions. Makes us laugh out loud!

This one has grown up so much in the last year--!

She turns five on Monday! Love, love my daughter.

...and may the Force be with you.

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