Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A wee bit sick

I believe today marks eight weeks in Kampala!

Yes, I'm still new enough to be counting. But in those eight weeks, we've accrued quite a list of little illnesses to mark our way. Grant it, these are little illnesses (see our last post for comparison!). We are tremendously thankful that malaria, giardia, TB, etc. have been far from us! But let's see. There have been the ear infections. Severe colds. Migraines. Flu. Restless legs. UTI. Weird rashes. Diarrhea (of course). Fever. Conjunctivitis. Ringworm (don't worry. That's actually a fungus). And now, I must confess that I have a chest cough that's kept me up for about an hour for the last three nights.

Would you pray for us? We'd love a reprieve from the sickness, small as it may be. It's the small stuff, you know?

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Mick said...

Heavely Father, I ask that you show mercy to my brother and his family, and that you provide the physical strength to overcome the cough. Show Yourself to be mighty in their behalf. Hold them up with Your strong right hand and surround them with Your everlasting love.

Amen and Amen