Sunday, March 4, 2012

An ode to dirt

Red dirt, you are on everything;

My floors, my feet, my driveway.

And after children take a bath

It's red mud that whirls away.

Stuck beneath their nails

And ground so deeply down the hall,

I never actually feel

that I am rid of you at all.

Though you are mopped away each day,

My children's feet are colored rust!

In just a few small seconds

Our house is recovered with dust.

Muddy footprints in the bathroom,

And fingerprints take over too.

It's a good thing our house is orange

And not the yellow we did choose.

So even if my children are only clean

For ten minutes out the tub

At least it means I won

One small vict'ry against the grub.

1 comment:

mhutsell said...

Love it! I guess God is just letting you know that a clean house is LOW on His list of priorities for you! YAY!