Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What do I say to this?

I just went up to the boys' room where they are supposed to be sleeping. However, Ramona Forever on CD was playing, and I was pretty sure I knew who'd started it. He protested:

Baden: No, when Daddy came up, I said he could start Ramona over or start the quiet CD!

Mom: Oh, okay. I'm sorry, Baden. I was wrong.

Baden: C'mon, Mom! You know the husband is in charge of the wife!!

Mom (uh, momentarily at a loss for words): [Pause] You're right. And Daddy and I act as a team. But who's still in charge of you?

Baden: You're still in charge, but the husband is the in-chargest!

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Kelly said...

love it!!! Kids are so frank!! =) You are doing a great job!! Keep it up!! Praying for you these next few weeks!!! Can we come see you guys this summer? Love you guys!