Sunday, August 10, 2008

little familia update, #...I forget

Baden had his four-year-old checkup, and times have changed--this now means four shots (OW). He didn't cry till the second set, but he was pretty brave. The hardest part of the visit was actually a blood draw for Corinne, when both brothers burst into tears! But we all thoroughly enjoyed our annual trip with FamilyLife to Wild River Country.

Really the biggest news is that we took Corinne to an ophthalmologist; she's had an eye that crossed when she was tired, but as she's gotten older and tried to focus more, it happens more often. The opthalmologist explained that this is actually because she's farsighted (so patching won't fix this--even if the eye gets stronger, then the good eye will turn in to try to compensate).

So our little thirteen-month-old is getting glasses! I was a little discouraged, to be honest, but I've actually had a cousin Nicole (the wayward flowergirl at our wedding) who had four surgeries to correct this (yes, this comes from my gene pool, and two of my sisters had trifocals for it) so glasses are a fine option. We're catching it early, so surgery is less likely--another thing to be thankful for. She may grow out of this by the time she's a teenager, at which point my nearsightedness will probably kick in and she'll need them anyway. :)

As a side note, I'm thinking that sometimes babies with glasses are treated with extra compassion, and even though glasses will be on that pretty little face, it may develop compassion in her and maybe even limit some vanity. ;) Getting them to stay on is the first big trick (they'll wrap around her ears).

As we tried them on, she's still pretty stinkin' cute. We will have to wait a year or two until her noggin's big enough to fit in my favorite, the little tortoiseshell ones. If you want a preview of the little wire frames we got her, scroll down to the red ones:

To put things in perspective, some of you may be interested in this poignant clip from Good Morning America of Steven Curtis Chapman's family that aired Wednesday; it's posted on MomBlog ( It made me a mess.

We have so much to be thankful for!!

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