Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The latest little family news

John just got his wisdom teeth out, something we've been waiting awhile to do, and I have never seen anything like it: no nausea, next to no swelling, not even any pain meds aside from the ibuprofen to keep down the swelling. Such an answer to prayer (and a little sick for those of us who barfed or chipmunk-faced our way through it). We feel so blessed in so many little things, you know?!

Corinne is sitting up and eating Cheerios! Baden has just started to get the hang of how letters work, identifying the first letter of a word and tracing his name. It is so fun. Will is also getting hilariously articulate--in the library, it was, "Sorry for shrieking, Mama"! Will's big 2 birthday was last week, which was so much fun! I love their birthdays because it's this excuse to have everyone celebrate them. ;)

I also went to the Magnet School Fair at the mall last Saturday and was really encouraged. I think there are some great public schools that might work. We'll just keep praying for wisdom. God knows where he wants Baden to go.

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