Thursday, November 15, 2012


They made it--John's parents are here at last, and we are nothing short of delighted. Already we're making up for lost time, creating memories. There's just something to be said for sharing this place with someone you love.

Place, I have decided, is a big deal. Setting is a critical part of any story, and it often changes the story entirely--like ours does. It's meaningful to point out things we live with everyday, converse about all the differences, and just to be together in this place that's altered our lives so much. Yes, the traffic really is this bizarre. Yes, Oliver saves my life pretty much every day. Yes, that huge, lopsided, lime-green monstrosity is a jackfruit. Yes, these people are beautiful. Yes, watching J. is like watching a cartoon. All of this goes a long way, especially with grandkids who seem to be growing at the speed of light.

The bad news: We are sick--again. And we are sharing it with our guests. You'll remember that John had malaria while my (Janel's) folks are here. He started things off with a bang this time, acquiring the stomach flu along with Baden, followed by his stepmom. Boo. My family's been sick with at least three different viruses (this is the second stomach flu) for the last three weeks, with an ear infection before that. It's frustrating when precious time with family is spent as one of the otherwise worst-feeling days of your year. But we trust that God has this in His plan, too.

We'd love your prayers for wellness, and simply for rich times together. As we experienced with the last family visit, the time is all-too-quickly...



mhutsell said...

Sheesh. Will looks so old with his haircut like that. He almost looks older than Baden, I think because of Baden's blonde hair and blue eyes makes him seem younger somehow. So sorry that sickness has invaded your visit yet again. So awful. But thankful you have more family to share your story with!

Rebecca said...

LOVE these photos - I can't believe how much the kids have grown. Just makes me miss all the Breits even more....which I didn't think was possible. :-(